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Legal services in the field of banking and financial law have become increasingly important in recent years, both globally and in Greece.  In the area of banking law, we advise on financial matters, leasing, loans, indemnities, guarantees and commercial transactions. The combination of professional litigation and alternative forms of dispute resolution enables us to resolve a wide range of banking and financial matters.


 We also offer a full range of services for:

  • resolving disputes with banks, debt collectors, insurance companies and credit institutions,

  • resolving issues relating to the restructuring of credit and other debts,

  • preparation of statements, claims, letters, applications,

  • appeals against court decisions,

  • issues related to the activities of companies providing financial and banking services,

  • financial monitoring, auditing to resolve issues related to risks and crises.

Contacting a lawyer at an early stage can help to resolve a dispute, to find a short way out of a crisis situation and to draw up a strategic plan of action. Our lawyers know how to protect your violated rights and legitimate interests.

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Banking & Finance Law

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