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Property Law

List of services for legal support of real estate transactions:

  • Verbal and written legal consultation on legal issues related to real estate,

  • Practical assistance in collecting, obtaining, processing, and certifying all necessary certificates and documents,

  • Legal consultancy  for real estate transactions,

  • Conducting property checks in the Land Registry,

  • Drafting contract proposals, negotiating with the other party, incorporating parameters that best represent the client's interests,

  • Providing support throughout all stages of the transaction and direct participation during contract signing,

  • Ensuring the legality of financial transactions (bank checks, promissory notes, etc.),

  • Resolving issues through legal proceedings, including reviewing the case (studying documents before filing a lawsuit), preparing and filing lawsuits, and appealing court decisions,

  • Executing of court decisions.

    The successful outcome of a real estate transaction depends on various factors, including thorough knowledge and experience in Property Law. It is not recommended in such cases to rely solely on yourself. By timely consulting with a specialized lawyer, you can prevent potential adverse consequences. If, for example, your rights were violated during the transaction, our specialized lawyers will do everything possible to defend you and your property.

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