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Intellectual Property Protection 

The term Intellectual property designates the creation of the human mind, a product related to fields such as science, literature, technology, art, etc., owned by an individual or organization. Intellectual property includes:

  • patents that protect technological inventions,

  • trademarks, slogans, logos, colours, shapes and generally anything that distinguishes a product or service from others,

  • copyrights, which relate to intellectual creations such as books, music, films, databases, software,

  • industrial designs,

  • trade secrets, etc.

Intellectual property, as an intangible asset, exists in every industry (technology, trade, art) and adds additional value to its beneficiary. Protecting intellectual property should equally concern both individual inventors and companies of any size. Utilizing intellectual property products, whether it's your patent, trademark, etc., provides a significant competitive advantage.


We offer the following services:


  • protection of intellectual property rights, selection of remedies and risk assessment,

  • advice on intellectual property matters including trademarks, copyrights, know-how,

  • advice on intellectual property transactions,

  • advice on franchising agreements,

  • trade mark registration, trade mark protection and management advice,

  • protection of intellectual property rights on the internet,

  • advice on business reputation and databases,

  • resolution of IP disputes, both pre-litigation and litigation.


We carefully develop and offer to our clients the most effective strategies for managing and protecting their intellectual property rights. We collaborate  with external experts, offering our clients precise, practical and highly cost-effective solutions.

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