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Пересмотр законов

ANNA S. IGNATENKO & ASSOCIATES Law office, provides a wide range of legal services in various areas of  Law. The main purpose of legal activity is to provide prompt and qualified legal assistance to individuals and legal entities, representing their legitimate interests and protecting their lawful rights.

​Constructive cooperation with a team of highly qualified specialists in various fields (economists, tax advisors, engineers, notaries, real estate agents, etc.) allows us to provide a sufficiently wide range of legal services and the most effective implementation of tasks.

Currently, the range of services provided includes the entire spectrum of legal protection in civil, immigration, administrative, commercial, tax, and banking law, legal consultancy for business and individuals, preparation and execution of real estate transactions.

Additionally, the sphere of legal activity includes:

  • Preparation of claims and appeals,

  • Judicial protection for individuals and companies,

  • Registration and bankruptcy of companies and organisations,

  • Drafting and amending statutory documents,

  • Issuance of licences, certificates and permits,

  • Provision of services to foreign citizens regarding lawful residence on Greek territory,

  • Integrated real estate purchase and sale support and more.


For each legal case handled by our office, a tailored strategy is being created, considering its unique specifies. Taking on a case always starts with a detailed study of the facts and evidence, the identification of the legal rules governing the legal relations in question, as well as a discussion with the client on the prospects and the assessment of possible solutions. Subsequently, and in coordination with the client, we formulate a detailed plan of further actions and define the desired strategy in order to achieve the best possible result.


All matters discussed in the context of a case remain strictly confidential. Adhering to the principle of confidentiality is a necessary and essential condition for a relationship of trust, without which the proper provision of legal assistance, defense, and representation is impossible. We make every possible effort to protect the interests of our clients, since the prompt and effective handling of the case constitutes our goal and reputation.

For further information, please contact us at the telephone number listed on the website or send us an e-mail.

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