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Нефтяная вышка

Maritime Law

Greece has traditionally been a maritime country, as seafaring is considered one of the oldest forms of employment for Greeks and continues to be an undeniable key element of Greek economic activity to this day.


We provide the following legal services in the field of Maritime Law:


  • legal support for transactions (donation, sale and purchase, chartering, etc.),

  • verification and correction of documents,

  • preparation of a complete package of documents for the state registration of vessels and their entry into the state register,

  • establishment of shipping companies,

  • yachts (transfer of ownership, registration under Greek or foreign flag),

  • settlement of disputes relating to charterparties, international carriage of goods and arbitration agreements

  • representation of clients' interests in court,

  • judicial review on public authorities' decisions (refusals, fines, etc.),

  • assistance in the process of insurance of vessels, cargo or crew,

  • dealing with labour law matters, drafting employment contracts,

  • partial or full assistance in customs matters,

  • recovery of damages and contractual penalties for loss / or damage of goods,

  • disputes with ports and customs warehouses.

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