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Digital Nomads are employees of companies or entrepreneurs who work remotely and can carry out their professional activities from anywhere in the world.

In Greece, the residence permit program for digital nomads started in early 2022 and has been very successful. The main advantage of this program is the simplicity of the residence permit issuance process for those earning more than 3,500 euros per month and who do not need to be physically present at their workplace. Additionally, spouses or partners of the applicant, as well as their children, can also obtain a residence permit in Greece.


The main requirements for obtaining this category of residence permit are:

  • Proof of employment or self-employment outside Greece (employment contract with an employer, natural or legal person established outside Greece, or documentation proving the existence of a business outside Greece),

  • Proof of stable income to cover living expenses in Greece. The minimum required monthly income for the main applicant is set at 3,500 euros (+20% for the spouse or partner and +15% for each child),

  • Rental or purchase agreement of a property, as proof of residence in Greece,

  • As of March 31, 2024, a necessary requirement is the national D-type visa.

The initial residence permit is issued for a period of two years and can be renewed if all legal requirements continue to be met.

If you are interested in obtaining a residence permit for digital nomads in Greece, please contact us, and we will be happy to provide you with the necessary legal support. We offer a wide range of services, including: individual consultancy regarding the criteria and requirements for obtaining a residence permit according to Greek legislation, preparation of the necessary document dossier, communication with immigration services, and resolution of any legal issues. Our goal is to ensure that this process is as efficient and problem-free as possible for our clients.


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