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In legal practice, it is common for the owner of a property or the buyer's lawyer, who conducts legal due diligence, to discover discrepancies in the data recorded in the country's Land Registries before signing a property purchase agreement. In such cases, the process of correcting the information can take from several months to several years, depending on the complexity of the case. Consequently, the property owner not only may be unable to complete the property transaction within the expected time but often becomes liable to the buyer due to failure to comply with agreements.

Furthermore, inaccuracies or potential errors in the data recorded in the Land Registries can create many problems for heirs in case of accepting the inheritance.

To avoid such situations and to protect yourself and your heirs, our Law Office offers the service of acquiring a copy of the Land Registry Certificate with all the details of your immovable property. The Land Registry Certificate is an official document containing comprehensive information about the property, its characteristics, the name of the owner, its encumbrances, etc. This document may be necessary in various cases related to real estate, such as:

  • Verification of the accuracy of the data recorded in the Land Registry: Errors can occur during data entry by registry officials (human error). Additionally, frequent changes in ownership (sales, donations, inheritance successions, etc.) may potentially create margins for errors in data updates.

  • Property purchase: A copy of the Land Registry Certificate provides information about the legal owner of the property, its encumbrances, etc. This information is important for both the seller and the buyer of the property.

  • Obtaining a housing loan or registering a mortgage/annotation of a mortgage: Banks and other financial institutions may request a copy of the Land Registry Certificate to determine the amount of the mortgage if the property serves as collateral.

  • Inheritance succession: When accepting an inheritance, distributing inheritance, or determining inheritance shares, a copy of the Land Registry Certificate is required to determine property rights.

  • Construction and renovation: When obtaining the necessary permits for the construction or renovation of a property, the submission of the Land Registry Certificate may be necessary to ensure that the proposed projects do not violate the boundaries of the plot on which the property is located.

  • Dispute of property rights: In case of dispute over the rights to a property, the copy of the Land Registry Certificate can serve as evidence of the ownership status.

If for any reason you need a copy of the Land Registry Certificate, please contact us and we will ensure that you receive it as soon as possible.


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