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The answer to the question of whether you should buy or rent a property is directly related to your needs, preferences and financial capabilities. The advantages and disadvantages of buying and renting are examined below to help you make the right choice.

Advantages of buying a property:

  • The owner of a property makes decisions about the property on his own and does not need approval from others,

  • the owner decides on the duration of his stay in the property,

  • the owner can make changes or improvements to the property at his discretion, based on his budget and personal taste,

  • the owner has the right to mortgage the property, sell it, rent it, donate it, etc.

Disadvantages of buying property:

  • The buyer invests a large amount of capital when buying a property or makes a financial commitment in the case of a mortgage loan,

  • the owner bears the expenses of renovation or repair of the property, significantly increasing its initial cost,

  • the owner has full personal and financial responsibility for the maintenance of the property,

  • the owner of a property is responsible for the taxes and other charges on the property,

  • the owner may suffer in the event of a future decrease in the property's market value.


Advantages of renting a property:

  • The tenant has the option to relocate to another property,

  • the tenant does not need to pay for repairs of the leased property,

  • the tenant does not need to worry about the depreciation of the property's value,

  • the tenant does not pay taxes or other fees and charges of the property.

Disadvantages of renting a property:

  • The landlord can increase your rent at the end of your lease,

  • the high demand for rental properties means that in the event of relocation, the tenant must dedicate significant time to finding a new property,

  • there is a possibility that the landlord may not want to cover the cost of repairs and/or maintenance of the property.

So before you decide on an important step such as buying or renting a property, get the opinion of a professional in the field you are interested in, who will be able to give you valuable recommendations to make the right decision.


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