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What is an inheritance certificate?

In many cases, the heir is required to prove their inheritance rights with an inheritance certificate in order to benefit from the inheritance. Essentially, the inheritance certificate is a certificate provided following a court decision.

The inheritance certificate is issued by the Court Secretary of the inheritance, following a court decision ordering its issuance. The issuance of the inheritance certificate may be required by any heir of an estate asset. The heir may be either intestate or testate. If there are multiple heirs, the issued inheritance certificate is provided to all.

The Court of inheritance is the Peace Court in the region where the deceased had his domicile or residence at the time of his death.

Reasons why an inheritance certificate may be required:

In practice, the inheritance certificate provides security for transactions, as it confirms the inheritance rights of an heir and is therefore requested in many cases. Often, the inheritance certificate also serves as a means of protecting third parties who are about to enter into transactions with the heir.


Thus, the issuance of the inheritance certificate may be required by banks, public services, or individuals in the following cases:

  • access to the deceased's bank account by the heir,

  • closure of the deceased's bank account,

  • sale of real estate that is an inherited asset,

  • resolution of issues with public services regarding the granting of aids or pensions, etc.

Our Law Office undertakes on your behalf all necessary actions for the issuance of the inheritance certificate with reliability and speed. Contact us for more information.


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