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A Greek residence permit (άδεια διαμονής [adia diamonis]) is a document that confirms the right to long-term residence in the territory of Greece and allows free entry and exit for the duration of the residence permit.

A residence permit is divided into several categories that determine the period of legal residence in the country, as well as the obligations and rights of the permit holder (right to work, right to establish a business, periods of possible absence from the country, etc.). To obtain a residence permit for the first time or to renew any of its categories, a specific set of documents is required.


There are also two types of residence permit: temporary and permanent. They differ not only in the rights and obligations they confer on their holder, but also in the length of time it takes to prepare and process a residence permit.

We will assist you in preparing the documentation package for the initial residence permit as well as for the renewal of the residence permit in the following categories:

  • Spouse of a Greek citizen

  • cohabitation agreement

  • Economically independent persons

  • Owner of property worth €250,000 or more

  • family reunification,

  • employment

  • family member of a citizen of the European Union

  • long-term resident in Greece with the right to work in EU countries

  • Parents of a child of Greek nationality

  • economic activity

  • humanitarian reasons

  • Exceptional grounds

  • Higher education

  • Residence permit for members of the board of directors, shareholders, legal representatives, general managers, managers of companies registered in Greece is also available.

Professional legal advice from a specialist lawyer will help you to find out more about the category of residence permit you are interested in, to get answers to your questions and to clarify the nuances of the application procedure. In most cases, the initial consultation will form the basis of further cooperation between the lawyer and the client.

Contact us and we will help you to collect the documents and communicate with the state authorities, which will enable you to obtain a residence permit in Greece under the most favourable conditions and in the shortest possible time. In addition, the assistance of a professional will ensure that the residence permit is issued without any problems and with a guaranteed result.

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