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One of the most privileged residence permits in Greece is the residence permit for long-term residents, which grants the right to free movement and work in all European Union countries. Additionally, this specific residence permit provides access to employed or self-employed activities, offers tax benefits (such as purchasing the first real estate property without paying transfer tax), and other advantages that were previously available only to Greek citizens or citizens of the European Union.


According to the new Immigration Code (Law 5038/2023), a third-country national residing legally and continuously in Greece for the five (5) years immediately preceding the submission date of the relevant application is granted the status of long-term resident, provided that the following cumulative conditions are met:

  1. The applicant has income sufficient for his and his family's needs, which does not come from recourse to the country's social assistance system. This income cannot be less than the annual earnings of an employee receiving the minimum wage, increased by ten percent (10%) for the total number of dependents in his family. The regular nature of the aforementioned income is evidenced especially by fulfilling his insurance and tax obligations.

  1. The applicant has full insurance.

  1. The applicant does not pose a threat to public order and safety.

  1. The applicant meets the integration requirements into Greek society. The integration requirements for third-country nationals into Greek society are met in the following cases:

  • if they hold a permanent residence card as a family member of a Greek citizen or

  • if they have legally resided in Greece for twelve (12) years or

  • if they hold a Special Identity Card for Ethnic Greeks or

  • if they prove that they have sufficient knowledge of the Greek language and knowledge of elements of Greek history and culture.

The long-term residence permit is granted for 5 years and renewed for the next 5 years. The status of long-term resident is permanent.

Our Law Office provides advisory services as well as representation services before the competent immigration authorities regarding the acquisition/renewal of all categories of residence permits, including the long-term residence permit.


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